House of Ra are running a poetry competition!

I have been writing poetry since I was a child, and just recently sharing it a lot more. I have performed my pieces a couple of times, but really love my words to be read. It is after all, love of the written word that drew me to poetry in the first place.

I have a fair few friends who are poets (whether they call themselves that is another story...) If you write poetry, guess what? You are a poet!

And there are many more out there who would love the opportunity to be published. Well, as part of this competition, you can do just that.

We  are asking for submissions of your poem(s), it doesn't matter whether you have shared it anywhere else before, just that you wrote it, have copyright to it and can claim it as your own piece of art.

The theme of this collection of poetry is Consciousness, and the title will be 'Conscious Collective'. If you have a piece that fits this broad spectrum, or one you would have in mind to write, please enter our competition.

Those selected to be published will receive a copy of the printed collection and earn bragging rights as a published poet!

Poems of all styles are welcome, but must be written in English and no longer than 60 lines.

Entry is free, the deadline for submission is 14/08/2017 and you can enter using the form below.

Results will be announced by the end of August.

The publication will be deposited in the British Library.

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